1, 2, 3 kW is available.

This design has optional 2 x 60” or 3 x 60” helix blades per side, designed to capture 360 degrees of air flow, with a low wind speed kick in of only 3-4 mph. (1.5-2.0 m/s)

Only 450 lbs (depending on generators, built from 6061 Aluminum that Is processed the same as commercial aircraft structures)

Primary Applications:
Developed for the Urban environment and small business applications. This our most popular system. Great for Homes, Cottages, Barns, Small business for specific applications and remote power source locations. Excellent for either Grid tie or off grid applications using 110-220 voltage or 12/24/48 volt battery systems.
Fully customizable with colors, decals and special lighting effects.